Princess Diana Stuns With Piano Playing in Rare Resurfaced Clip


Long before the drama of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, the previous generation was wowed by Princess Diana. The first wife of Prince Charles was a beloved member of the royal family by the general public. Now, an old clip of the princess playing the piano has resurfaced, and it’s incredibly sweet.

In the clip, Prince Charles and Princess Diana are on tour in Australia. The person who is doing voiceover on the video explains that it was a very hot day. We even see Princess Diana wipe away a drop of sweat on her upper lip.

Then the video shows the prince and princess visiting the Music College of the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. We see several musicians sitting with their cellos, and the cello teacher asks Prince Charles if he would like to play the cello since he used to play the cello when he was a child. The prince seems to think this is a setup, and he’s probably right. He reluctantly agrees and sits down with the cello.

The next part is what nobody really expected. The cello teacher invites Princess Diana to play an instrument as well, and he leads her over to the piano. She sits down and almost immediately starts playing. Her song of choice was Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2.

Playing the piano seemed effortless for her, and we shouldn’t really be surprised. She studied piano for years and was an accomplished pianist; however, it’s not often that we’ve had a chance to actually hear her play the piano.

After playing the piano for a minute, the princess suddenly stops, and as the announcer in the video described it, “almost ran for cover, clearly embarrassed at her musical debut.” 

Watch Princess Diana play the piano and then run away in the video below.

Did you know that Princess Diana could play the piano? Does it surprise you how talented she was?