Prince William Gets Candid and Opens Up About Mental Health Issues

Did you know that, according to the World Health Organization, an estimated 300 million people in the world are struggling with depression or other mental health issues at any given time. It’s a startling statistic, but it’s also one that reveals just how prevalent the issue is for folks across the globe.

But, despite its spread, up until fairly recently, speaking about depression still carried quite the stigma. As a matter of fact, this still very much exists, but, fortunately, there are a number of good folks out there who are willing to fight against it.

The newest one of these ‘mental health warriors’ is none other than Prince William. Just days ago, the royal participated on a forum in Switzerland, where he talked both about his thoughts on how society treats mental health, as well as his own personal experiences.

The Prince first said that he feels strongly that workplaces need to do a better job of providing their employees with mental health support and treatment. “[Mental health issues] should be so much easier to go to HR and talk about it,” he asserted.

Then, the royal shared some of his personal struggles, particularly the ones that emerged after serving as a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance, a position that forced him to confront trauma on a day-to-day basis.

The Prince said that it was just something that the “human body wasn’t programmed to do.” Though he didn’t say when, at some point he did seek help. for his issues, and now he is beginning to share his journey with the public.

If you are a longtime follower of the Royal Family’s trials and tribulations, then you’ll know that Prince William is far from the first to have dealt with mental health issues. Back in the 1990s, his late mother, Princess Diana, gave a groundbreaking interviewing, revealing her struggles with depression, self-harm, and bulimia.

And, just recently, Prince Harry also spoke out about his own struggles with mental health. In a speech given during his royal Australian visit, he told the press that he, too, has dealt with his own issues, which is why he speaks out so often on mental health awareness.

He even gave the public who may be going through similar problems, a few kind words of encouragement. “You need to know that part of being strong and tough is having the courage to seek help when you need it,” the royal said. “You must not silently suffer. You are all in this together.”

We are so happy to hear that this generation of royals is so open about their own mental health struggles. Representation matters, especially for such a classically-stigmatized issue, like depression. Hopefully, they choose to share even more with us soon!

We’d love to get your take on Prince William’s mental health struggle. Can you relate to what he has felt? Are you a first responder or medical professional who has dealt with similar issues? If so, do you have any advice for those in similar positions?