Prince Harry’s Offer To Help Has Been Denied By Future King William

Wirestock, cheekylorns2 via Deposit Photos

The British royal family is slightly short staffed at the moment. Two of the senior members of the royal family are currently unable to perform their royal duties due to health issues. King Charles III is battling cancer, and Princess Kate is recovering from abdominal surgery.

Many of the duties that would ordinarily be performed by these royals have to be covered by other royals, such as Queen Camilla and the future king, Prince William; although, asking Prince William to perform extra duties is a stretch with the father of three’s wife is still recovering from surgery.

With the royal family stretched to the limits, there have been rumors of former senior working royals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, returning to royal life, at least temporarily, to help their family. After all, even though they don’t see eye to eye on every issue, Prince Harry is still the son of the current king and the brother of the future king.

According to a former butler of the royal family, Grant Harrold, Harry is “very keen” to return and help out his family. Regardless of how Harry feels about the situation, it’s unlikely the working royals want his help.

OK! reports that royal author Christopher Andersen said, “Even if Harry wanted to pitch in while his father, the king, is battling cancer and [his sister-in-law] Kate Middleton is temporarily out of commission, [his brother] Prince William won’t allow it, pure and simple. The situation remains the same: a royal game of chicken. Who will be the first to give in? At the moment, it’s a complete stalemate.”

According to royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, “The idea that Harry and Meghan would wish to return is extraordinary.” In addition, he added that “public hostility to them in Britain is enormous.”

Do you think Harry would really want to return to life as a working royal to help out his family? Do you think there would ever be a situation in which Prince William would allow Harry to help out his family?