Prince Charles Made A Remark After Harry Was Born That Left Princess Diana Heartbroken

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While Princess Diana is no longer here to tell her story, before her tragic death, she shared many personal family secrets with people close to her, including her biographer, Andrew Morton. Morton shared many of those secrets in his 1992 book “Diana: Her True Story.”

According to Reader’s Digest, one of those secrets involved Prince Harry and his father’s reaction to seeing him for the very first time. King Charles, who was Prince Charles at the time, was not as happy as he could have been following his second son’s birth.

According to Morton, Charles was hoping that his second child would be a girl. Since he already had a son, Prince William, he hoped that his next child would be a daughter. While Diana found out prior to Harry’s birth that their second child was a boy, she didn’t tell her husband.

Morton explained that Charles and Diana had been working on their marriage and had grown quite close leading up to Harry’s birth. Diana didn’t want the news that their child was a boy and not a girl to disrupt the bond that was growing between them as a married couple.

Then the day came when Harry was born. When Charles saw Harry for the very first time, his initial reaction was to exclaim, “Oh God, it’s a boy.” That reaction was hurtful to Diana, even though Charles claimed he was “joking.”

Then he had another reaction to Harry that was also hurtful to Diana. Charles said, “And he’s even got red hair.” While Charles claimed that this was also a “joke,” it wasn’t funny to Diana. There are many redheads in her family, and it hurt her that her husband disliked their child’s hair color.

The negative comments didn’t end on the day Harry was born. On the day of Harry’s christening, he brought up his disappointment again. This time, he told Diana’s mother, Frances Kydd, “We were so disappointed – we thought it would be a girl.” Frances was upset by the comment and later told Diana what Charles had said.

Diana told Morton that her husband’s comment to her mother was too much. She shared that after that comment “something inside me closed off.” She added, “Suddenly as Harry was born it just went bang, our marriage, the whole thing went down the drain.”

Despite Diana’s statement that their marriage was basically over following Harry’s birth, the couple stayed married for another 12 years before finally getting divorced in 1996.

Watch the video below to see Prince Charles enter the hospital with Prince William to see Prince Harry for the very first time.