Wanting To Have 12 children Just Like In The Movie ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’, Mom Has Been Pregnant Every Year For 12 Straight Years

littlehouseinthehighdesert via Instagram

Twelve years is a lot of time, isn’t it? Some people may choose to remodel their home or start their own businesses during that time. Other people? Other people choose to have one kid every year of those 12 years, resulting in a dozen children.

We’re talking about Courtney Rogers, 37, and her church pastor husband Chris, 34, who started their family in 2010, and just welcomed their 12th child into the world this year. That’s right—12 children in 12 years.

Courtney, who’s a stay-at-home-mom, knew she wanted to have 12 children, just like Steve Martin and Kate Baker had in the movie Cheaper by the Dozen. And after 12 years, she made that dream come true!

“It is amazing how it worked out too because we had all our boys at the beginning and the last five have been girls, so it all evened out,” Courtney noted.

However, it wasn’t always their goal. The couple’s first pregnancy, which occurred soon after their wedding in 2008, ended in a devastating miscarriage, so they never dreamed they’d have so many children. However, child after child began to come each year, and they decided they wanted to go for a total of 12 in 12 years. They were on the fast track, after all.

Each child’s name starts with C, and is as follows in order of age: Clint, 12, Clay, 10, Cade, 9, Callie, 8, Cash, 7, twins Colt and Case, 6, Calena, 4, Caydie, 3, Coralee, 2, Caris, 1 and now, a newborn named Cambria. They all live on a farm in New Mexico along with a slew of animals including pigs, sheep, dogs, and chickens.

Though their family is finally complete, Courtney says that it’s going to feel weird not to be pregnant for a long period of time, considering she’s basically been pregnant for the last 12 years, and never once disliked it (as some moms-to-be do).

“It is going to be strange not to have another baby,” she said. “Pregnancy mostly treated me well, I didn’t get sick and was never on bed rest, so I could always look after the kids. I have enjoyed having babies.”

So what’s life like for a family of 14? Well, they own a 15-passenger van and are in the works to expand their current house so that each room could hold two children (for a total of six rooms). The crew is also home-schooled and goes through a total of 10 gallons of milk and 80 diapers a week!

Doesn’t life get hard? Of course it does, plus the judgment from people doesn’t help—but the family wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I do find it hard sometimes, as most people think we are crazy for having so many,” Courtney said.

So are they definitely done with 12? Yes—though there is always that chance!

“I am content right now, but I am sure I will miss the baby stage, although I think Chris might have something to say if I get broody again,” Courtney said.

Do you know any families with this many children?