Popular Country Singer Reveals Scary Health Condition

Country Singer Superstar Carly Pearce took to Instagram to share a health update video with her fans. She revealed she has developed a heart issue called pericarditis.

In her Instagram video the singer posted: “Hey, y’all. I have always been transparent and honest about every part of my life, so I feel like this deserves the same honesty. You guys know that I’ve been dealing with some health issues and, through that, I have developed something called pericarditis, which is a heart issue.”

“It’s really important to me, but we have all decided that it is in my best interest, as I’m healing, to alter my shows a little bit,” she said. “So if my shows look a little bit different, just know it’s because I have to keep my heart rate under control right now.”

“That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna be completely fine, it just means right now I’ve gotta really take this seriously and, so, if you’re coming to the shows, if you are gonna be a part of any of the amazing things we have going on with ‘Hummingbird, it is all gonna be great — it just might look a little different,” she went on to say. “So I’m asking for a little bit of grace.


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According to The Cleveland Clinic, “Pericarditis is an inflammation of the pericardium or sac that contains your heart. Most people do well with prompt treatment, rest and medication. Others may need a procedure to drain fluid from their pericardium. In most cases, people make a full recovery. However, it can take weeks or months.”

She is working with her medical team to be able to continue to tour and perform.

Carly Pearce is an American country music singer and songwriter known for her heartfelt lyrics. Her sound is a blend of traditional and contemporary country sounds. Born on April 24, 1990, in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, Carly began her music career at a young age, performing at Dollywood and later moving to Nashville to pursue her dreams. Carly recently celebrated her 34th birthday.

Her breakthrough came with the 2017 single “Every Little Thing,” which topped the Billboard Country Airplay chart and was certified Platinum. The song’s success was followed by her first album of the same name. Carly Pearce has continued to release successful music, including hits like “Hide the Wine” and “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” the latter being a duet with Lee Brice that won the 2021 CMA Award for Musical Event of the Year.

Pearce is scheduled to continue her tour with Tim McGraw. She just finished a 12-day break. It is not known what kind of modifications will have to be made for  her concert performances. The country artist’s new album  “Hummingbird,” will be available June 7. Then, on June 9 Pearce will perform at the CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee.