New Reports Emerge About The Pop Star’s Mental Health

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Justin Bieber is “a pretty crier,” at least he is according to his wife, Hailey Bieber. The pop star posted several pictures on Instagram over the weekend, and two of them included closeups of his face while a tear drips from his eye and rolls down his cheek. He did not include a caption or any context at all as to why he was crying. Other pictures in the same post show him looking pretty pumped on stage.


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The post sparked curiosity about the state of Bieber’s mental health. The singer previously shared that he has struggled with his mental health in the past. For example, in 2023, he told “The Ebro Show” that he “hit a little bit of an emotional breakdown” at the beginning of his marriage.

Bieber blamed “trauma and life circumstances” for the emotional struggles he dealt with in his marriage, and he credits his faith in Jesus for helping him “not be so hard on myself.”

It seems that Bieber is continuing to work on his mental health, and his recent struggles are also impacting his marriage. A source told Entertainment Tonight, “Justin has been facing some difficulties lately. He has been having a hard time and hasn’t been feeling like his usual self.”

The source added, “Hailey has been doing her best to be there for Justin, but it is upsetting for her to see him struggle. They are doing their best to make things work and be supportive of each other. They are committed to doing whatever it takes to make things better.”

Another source shared, “Justin and Hailey are continuing to support each other and help one another get through more difficult times as they always have.” The source added, “They are making an effort to do things that will help them create a bigger and brighter future. They are remaining committed to their faith and trying to stay positive. They are hopeful about the future and doing things to better themselves.”