The Creative and Adorable Way 1 Police Officer Got an Elderly Man Across a Busy Road

Image of police officer helping man across the street.Nowthis - World

No one can dispute that police officers have a very important job(s)— they have to investigate domestic violence reports, make sure we’re all going the speed limit, and make drunk driving arrests, among many other duties.

Needles to say, being a cop requires a lot of quick thinking. In fact, sometimes they even find themselves in situations where they have to be a little creative in how they help.

Take one police officer in Mianyang, Sichuan, China, who was recently caught on video helping an elderly man across the street.

What’s so special about that? It was his quick thinking and compassion that made the moment he helped this man truly heroic.

The video begins with the elderly man attempting to cross a busy street. It was a struggle, however, as the man was hunched over and walking very slowly with a cane. It was very apparent that moving at the slow pace he was, he was never going to make it across the street before the street light turned red.

Meanwhile, a crowd of faster-moving pedestrians all make it through the crosswalk on the green light, but once the light turns red, the man is still very far from his destination and has only made it across one lane of traffic.

There were lots of cars waiting for him to get across, and surprisingly so, no one was beeping at him or acting disorderly. But the older man can only walk so fast and people, of course, had places to be, whether or not they wanted to be rude about it.

The police officer, whose name is Qin Weijie, notices the man attempting to get across the street and sees all the cars waiting. Instead of telling the man he’s walking too slowly or that he needs to hurry up, he wondered what could he do to speed up the process.

Qin then displays some pretty quick (and creative) thinking. He proceeds to walk up to the man and asks him if it would be okay if he could carry him across the street in order to keep things moving along.

The man accepts the offer, and Qin then crouches down in front of the man with his back facing him so that the man could jump onto his back. He then gives him a piggyback ride to the other side of the street across several lanes of traffic much faster than the senior could have gotten there.

Now that’s what we call an inventive way to keep things moving! We can’t help but want to cheer on the two as they make their way across the street. What a cute moment.

Check out the video below, which was shared across numerous Chinese social media sites, to see the adorable piggyback ride Qin gave to the man to get him across the street!

What do you think of this video? Have you ever seen a police officer give a pedestrian a piggyback ride across a busy street? What would you have done if you saw this in person?