Our Eyes Filled With Tears When We Found Out Why Dozens Of Police Officers Were At The First Day Of School

Inside Edition

A child’s first day of school can be quite emotional for both the parents and the child. The first day of school signifies that the child is growing up, and that can sometimes be hard for the parents to accept. It is also a big deal for the child to be gone at school all day and away from mom and dad.

For Anna Stolinsky, her first day of school was extra emotional. Her father, police officer Sgt. Kevin Stolinsky, died from a heart attack while he was on duty back in 2021. Fast forward to 2022, and it was Anna’s first day of kindergarten. Since she didn’t have her father there to take her to school, the entire La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee decided to give her a special send-off.

On August 8, 2022, Anna and her mother, Casey Stolinsky, received a police escort to school. We’re not just talking about one police car either. There were 20 motorcycles and 5 police cars that escorted her to school that first day.

The police escort was not a surprise to the family. Casey’s brother-in-law works for the police department, and he helped arrange it, but it was still emotional.

When they arrived at Lancaster Christian Academy in Smyrna, the officers lined up to lead the way to the school. Little Anna walked by all the officers on her way to the front door, waving at all of them. When she got to her uncle, he asked her to go back and give the officers a high five, and she happily did just that.

Watch the video below to watch Anna high five the officers on her way to her first day of school.

After Anna took her uncle’s hand to walk into the school, Casey walked over to the officers to thank them for being there for her daughter. She said, “Thank you all very, very much. There’s no words.”