Girl Had Been Arriving Late And Tired At School, Then Police Checked Her Dad’s SUV

USA Today

For many people, having a reliable vehicle is very important. Many of us wouldn’t be able to make it to work or school otherwise. Of course, there are exceptions. Sometimes people are lucky enough to live close enough to school or work that they can walk there. Other times, public transportation or services like Uber make it possible to get by without a car.

For those of us that rely on a vehicle to make it from point A to point B, when there’s car trouble, that’s a big problem. That means showing up late for work, possibly missing important appointments, and having a large chunk of time taken out of the day or possibly even days waiting around for the car to get fixed. Not to mention the expense of a car repair.

A dad named James Schweikhart moved from Oklahoma to Colorado with his 10-year-old daughter. The only problem is that they are currently living out of their car. They have all of their belongings piled in the back, but they currently do not have anywhere to unpack them.

Not only do Schweikhart and his daughter live in the car, but they also rely on it to get them to and from school and work. Without a working vehicle, their life is even more difficult.

One day, their vehicle broke down, and Schweikhart wasn’t able to drive himself to work like usual. That’s when he noticed police officers looking at his vehicle. He wondered what was going on and hoped he wasn’t in some sort of trouble. He already didn’t have a home or a working car – were things about to get even worse?

No. Things were about to get even better. Watch the video below to learn how the police officers decided to help Schweikhart and his daughter.