People Worried About Ozzy After Sharon Osbourne’s Response

Sharon Stone and Sharon Osbourne ran into each other at the red carpet premiere of the movie “The Bikeriders.” They embraced and quickly chatted on the red carpet as cameras flashed and caught their every move.

While the interaction seemed sweet and friendly, many fans actually found it concerned, not because the two stars are apparently also friends but because of the conversation they were having.

Stone can be heard asking Osbourne about her husband, Ozzy Osbourne. In a video of the interaction, it appears that Osbourne shakes her head, which according to Unilad seems to indicate to many that she was insinuating he wasn’t doing great, but was about “50/50.” In response, Stone can be seen saying what appears to be, “I’m so sorry.”

Then the two stars turn to the cameras and smile, looking like everything is right in the world despite their concerning conversation.

There aren’t any official details about what Stone was asking about. The red carpet probably was not the right place for her to be asking Osbourne about her husband, and since Osbourne only responded by nodding her head, she probably didn’t want to talk about whatever is going on in front of the cameras.

Now, fans are wondering if Ozzy’s health is secretly doing very poorly. Perhaps they are jumping to conclusions, or perhaps they are correct. Some fans claim Osbourne actually says to Stone, “He is okay, he is not well.”

It is well known that Ozzy has had health issues in recent years. For example, in 2023, he talked about having back surgery. At the time, he told Rolling Stone, “It’s really knocked me about. I thought I’d be up and running after the second and third, but with the last one they put a f****** rod in my spine. They found a tumor in one of the vertebrae, so they had to dig all that out too.”

Is it possible that Ozzy is battling a new health issue? Watch the video below for more details about this concerning red carpet conversation.