Woman Started Twitter Thread for People Who Hate Their Noses and It Quickly Gained Traction

While fashion magazines and makeup ads might make us feel like there is one standard for beauty, that is not the case. Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way, and embracing what makes you special instead of trying to look like someone else is truly beautiful.

Unfortunately, many people don’t like the way they look. We’re not talking about disliking your looks as you get older, like wishing you didn’t have gray hair or wrinkles. We’re talking about people who have disliked the way they look since they were children.

While plastic surgery can change our features drastically, embracing your own beauty and not falling victim to some imaginary standard of beauty is very empowering.

Twitter user @hollyhopkins_ posted a picture of her side profile on Twitter. She explained that she has not always liked the way her nose looked from the side, but she has learned to love it. She wrote, “it’s okay if your nose looks like all the “before” pictures.”

Many Twitter users have finally felt seen and understood by Holly’s tweet, and they are proudly sharing their own side profiles and how they came to accept their own beauty.

  1. Girl, Same

  2. This Is a “Beautiful” Thread

  3. “My Boyfriend Loves It”

  4. A Pharaoh’s Nose

  5. People Can Be “Small Minded”

  6. There’s No Need For An “After” Picture

  7. “One of My Proudest Features”

  8. Choose Your Partner Wisely

  9. “My Biggest Insecurity”

  10. It’s Wonderful to Have a Nose That’s Unique

  11. Learning to Love It

  12. It Took Seeing the Wedding Photos

  13. Kids Can Be Mean

  14. No Nose Job Needed

  15. Feeling Confident

  16. “I Sometimes Try to Cover It”

  17. “It’s Beautiful”

  18. No Longer Insecure

  19. A Shark Nose?

  20. Avoiding Side Profile Pics

  21. A Manly Nose


    Are you self-conscious about your nose? If so, do these pictures and stories help you feel more self-confident?