People Are Adding An Old Favorite To Their Coke And Claim It’s Delicious


When we want a snack, we usually reach for something that is either salty or sweet. For example, maybe we’re in the mood for something salty, so we grab a bag of chips. Or, perhaps we’re in the mood for something sweet, like a cupcake or a cookie. Rarely do we combine the two flavors into one snack unless the combination already exists in the snack, such as salted caramel or a candy bar that contains chocolate and peanuts.

Maybe we’ve been doing it wrong. We just heard about a new snack trend that apparently has been a big thing in the south dating all the way back to the 1920s. Apparently, 100 years ago workers who had dirty hands invented a clever way to have a snack and a drink at the same time without getting the snack dirty with their hands. The snack idea was to pour salted peanuts into a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Yes, this sounds weird at first if you haven’t heard of it before. Or, if you’re from the south, perhaps you’re already tasting this combination in your mind and thinking how good it is.

When we first heard of this combination, we had a few questions, like, do the peanuts get soggy? Does the soda get salty? How do you eat something crunchy while still drinking something sweet?

The more we thought about the combination of salty and sweet we remembered all the times we’ve had popcorn and soda at a movie theater. While we don’t eat the popcorn and drink the soda at the same time, this still got us thinking about how the combination of salty and sweet could very well be okay in the same snack at the same time. Maybe.

Thankfully, one brave vlogger decided to try the combination of Coke and peanuts on camera so we could see for ourselves what it’s really like to eat/drink a salty/sweet snack. She started by explaining that for this snack to be authentic, you really need to get Coke in a glass bottle, ideally the Classic kind made with sugar and not the high fructose corn syrup version. She even did a taste test to prove that the Coke with sugar really is superior.

Then, she explained that you have to take a couple sips of the Coke to make room for the peanuts. After pouring the peanuts in the Coke and watching the snack combination fizz for a minute, she took a sip/bite. Watch the video below to see her reaction to trying this snack combination for the first time and to see if she recommends it.

One viewer commented on the video above, “I’m from South Carolina and this still happens as a hold over from our grandfathers. This is something a lot of miners and factory men did back in the day in the south. Their hands were filthy from work and this was a quick way to have a snack/ drink without eating coal dust/ grease.”

Have you ever tried the combination of Coke and peanuts? Are you going to try this combination?