Pat Sajak Snaps At Player

New York Post

What is considered an insult and what is considered a joke? That’s arguable when it comes to game show host Pat Sajak and the things he says to contestants on the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune.”

During the game show, contestants spin the wheel, choose letters and try to solve puzzles to win money and prizes. Sometimes the contestants solve difficult puzzles with very few letters on the board. Other times, contestants stumble when they try to solve seemingly easy puzzles leaving viewers at home wondering how they managed to guess incorrectly.

While it can be fun to watch “Wheel of Fortune” at home to see if you can guess the correct answer before the contestants on the show, sometimes the most interesting part of watching the show is listening to what Sajak has to say and seeing how the contestants react to his antics.

Sajak’s sense of humor is not for everyone, and while he sometimes seems to snap at contestants, it could be that he thinks he’s being funny. Is he? That’s for you to decide.

On a recent episode of “Wheel of Fortune” a past contestant and fan favorite returned to the show to play again. Christian Dixie is a 22-year-old Ball State alum who made it to the bonus round of the show after winning $19,300.

During the bonus round, Dixie correctly guessed the answer to the puzzle. The board looked like this:


A  V_S_T

He correctly solved the puzzle when he guessed “Pay them a visit.” That meant that he would win yet another prize, but before he could find out what the prize was, Sajak reprimanded him.

It happened when Dixie reached for the envelope that would reveal his prize and picked it up instead of Sajak doing this task. The audience gasped since they knew that it was Sajak’s job to pick up the envelope.

Sajak took it upon himself to explain to the audience his assumption at why Dixie made the mistake of picking up the envelope instead of letting Sajak do his job. Sajak said, “In fairness, we used to do it that way; the player would pick up the thing.”

Even though Sajak seemed to understand why Dixie made the mistake, he still snapped at the contestant telling him, “Don’t ever do it again.” You can see this awkward show moment for yourself in the video below.

Regardless of whether Sajak meant the comment seriously or as a joke, Dixie was the big winner. He walked away with a brand new Infinity car and a total of $64,615 in prize money.

Do you think Sajak was just joking around? Do you think he was really upset at the contestant?