That Time Pat Sajak Passionately Kissed Vanna White On The Air

pressmin via YouTube

Pat Sajak, the iconic host of Wheel of Fortune, has built his career in the realm of game shows. In a surprising and memorable moment back in 1989, Sajak made a unique announcement during his daytime Wheel of Fortune show. The revelation involved a heartfelt goodbye, a special thanks to Merv Griffin, and a passionate on-air kiss with his co-host, Vanna White.

In a seven-year stint as the host, Sajak bid farewell to the daytime Wheel of Fortune, assuring fans that he would continue hosting the nighttime show. The announcement took a humorous turn as Sajak expressed his gratitude to Merv Griffin, the legendary producer who played a pivotal role in his Hollywood journey.

The highlight of the moment unfolded as Sajak turned his attention to Vanna White, his co-host, thanking her for their collaboration in the game show business. The exchange between the hosts was filled with lighthearted banter and camaraderie.

Teasing a new host set to join the show on Monday, Sajak playfully motioned toward Vanna, hinting at the fun they would have. “But seriously, folks,” Sajak said,  “There will be an exciting, wonderful, and terrific guy here on Monday. I don’t want to give it away right now for various reasons, but Monday tune in.”

Then, Sajak looks at the camera and slyly says, “We have about 15 seconds left, I don’t know…” followed by the most unexpected: “Come here, baby.” He then wraps Vanna up in the most passionate liplock we’ve ever seen! And the audience goes wild, of course.

As the embrace lingered, the chemistry between the hosts was clear. However, the unscripted moment took an amusing turn when Merv Griffin, the show’s creator, made a rare on-camera appearance. Griffin observed the unexpected kiss, waiting a few moments before tapping Sajak on the shoulder.

Honestly, the kiss is probably the best moment we’ve ever witnessed on Wheel of Fortune. Though it happened about 35 years ago, we’ll never forget it. Reminisce with us in the steamy clip below!

Despite the moment, the two have always just been friends. Did you think Pat Sajak and Vanna White ever dated?