Pat Sajak Drops His Cards in Shock After “Priceless” Moment

Wheel Of Fortune

From time to time “Wheel of Fortune” game show host Pat Sajak gets caught off guard during the taping of the show. Sometimes he is surprised by how quickly a contestant is able to solve a seemingly difficult puzzle. Other times, he is surprised by things the contestants say.

On a recent episode of “Wheel,” the game show host was standing next to a contestant named Kate. It was the bonus round of the show, and if she answered the puzzle correctly, she might win an amazing prize.

Vanna White turned over any available letters on the board, and when she was finished, the puzzle looked like this:

_ _ _ _ N _

A   L E A _

With 10 seconds on the clock, Kate gave a concerted effort to try to guess the correct answer to the puzzle. She made multiple guesses, but she did not guess the correct answer.

After the 10 seconds were over, she found out the correct answer to the puzzle, and then she revealed that she had actually been thinking of a similar answer but she “didn’t think that was it.” When Sajak processed what she had said, he looked directly at the camera and dropped his cards on the ground which resulted in big laughs from the audience.

Watch the video below to find out the answer to the puzzle and why Kate’s reaction to the puzzle’s answer made Sajak dramatically and hilariously drop his cards.

“Wheel of Fortune” shared this video on Instagram, and many people in the comments were actually thinking exactly what Kate was thinking. One person commented, “That’s exactly the first thing out of my mouth too! Lol.”

Another person wrote, “I think that loss was better than any win, this season. Too funny.”

Yet another comment reads, “Oh how I wish she would have actually said ‘Taking a Leak’ But Pats reaction said it for us!!”