Passenger Forced to Wear Captain’s Shirt After She Was Prevented from Boarding Due to Her ‘Offensive’ Top


Traveling on an airplane right now can be stressful. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there are numerous health protocols in place to ensure everyone has a safe flight, including requiring mask-wearing, hand sanitizing, and spacing customers out on flights.

One woman who recently few on a Southwest flight was expecting to oblige with all of the precautions—but what she didn’t expect was to get kicked off the flight for a totally unrelated reason: her clothes.

Kayla Eubanks of Chicago was boarding her flight in one of her favorite outfits and was shocked when she was told to turn back because she was dressed too revealing. In a series of tweets, she explained exactly what happened.

“Y’all I was KICKED OFF my @SouthwestAir flight because my boobs are ‘lewd, obscene and offensive.’ I was told that passengers may look at me in my attire and be offended,” Eubanks tweeted with a photo showing what she was wearing. She had on a black halter top that showed her cleavage and midriff and a long, red skirt.

“I really wanna know why @SouthwestAir is policing my clothes like this,” she said in another tweet. “How will my shirt impact my flight, for myself, the other passengers, or even the pilot?

“Y’all have a dress code for CUSTOMERS who pay to get on a plane? It’s the constant policing of women’s bodies for me,” she added, followed by another tweet with a video of an employee trying to help. “This @SouthwestAir employee practically did cartwheels to ensure that I wouldn’t get on this plane y’all. I was held at the gate for 30 minutes because of my shirt.”

In yet another video, she recorded the captain coming to talk to her about the situation, who commented, “They’re hating on you because you’re looking good, is that right?”

“I don’t take this lightly at all,” she responded back. “I would like to get on my plane.”

Eventually, to ensure Eubanks would make her flight, the captain wound up giving her his shirt to put on over her top.

“The CAPTAIN of the flight loaned me his shirt so that I could board (having been removed from the flight and the flight being delayed),” Eubanks tweeted with a photo of her wearing a “Boys of Summer” T-shirt. But the saga didn’t even end there. “I eventually took it off. Only to be told that I would have to speak with a supervisor upon landing,” she wrote.

Thankfully, the airline did end up issuing an apology to Eubanks for how she was treated.

It was later found that the company “may, in its sole discretion, refuse to transport, or may remove from an aircraft at any point,” a passenger who engages “in lewd, obscene or patently offensive behavior, including wearing clothes that are lewd, obscene or patently offensive.”

What do you think of how this situation was handled? Do you think anything should have been done differently?