Pamela Anderson Reveals The One Person In Life Who Treated Her With “Complete And Utter Respect” 

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When Pamela Anderson was a little girl, she had several traumatic experiences while growing up in Canada. Those experiences shaped her life and the choices she made.

When she was given the opportunity to travel to California, she took it and never looked back. She modeled for Playboy. She acted on “Home Improvement” and later rocketed to stardom on “Baywatch.”

Not every experience Anderson had during her acting and modeling career was positive. For example, her marriage to Tommy Lee crumbled, and there was that sex tape that haunted her, but it wasn’t all bad either. She had two children during her marriage, and she met some people along the way who she felt truly respected her. Actually, make that just one person.

Anderson has a new book coming out called “Love, Pamela,” and there’s also a documentary on Netflix about her life called “Pamela, a Love Story.” Both are set to be released on January 31, 2023.

While promoting her upcoming book and documentary, Anderson has made some confessions during interviews. She has answered questions honestly and thoughtfully. During one interview for The London Times, Anderson revealed the name of the one person in her life who she felt treated her with “complete and utter respect.” That person’s name is Hugh Hefner.

During the interview, Anderson talked about what it was like for her when she was shooting her first cover for Playboy. She explained, “I was painfully shy, and I hated that feeling. That’s why I did it. I just didn’t want that feeling anymore.” She added, “Doing that first photoshoot gave me this little kind of portal on what it felt like to be a sensual woman. My sexuality was mine. I took my power back.”

CBS Sunday Morning’s Jim Axelrod also interviewed Anderson. He caught up with her at her home on Vancouver Island and asked her about her life and career. They discussed her childhood, her marriage and her career. Watch the video below to hear what she had to say.