‘Outer Banks’ Star Arrested For Reportedly Attacking Hospital Staff

bossmoss via Deposit Photos

“Outer Banks” actor Austin North was in Las Vegas for Super Bowl weekend, and while it looks like the weekend started off well, that’s not how it ended.

The Wednesday after the Super Bowl, North posted a video on Instagram showing some of the fun he had over the weekend, but two days later, he’s apologizing to hospital staff and his fans.

TMZ reports that North was in the emergency room in Las Vegas when he reportedly went crazy. All of a sudden and what seemed like for no reason at all, he started attacking hospital staff including several nurses and a phlebotomist. One nurse claims he hit her in the head, and another nurse claims he shoved her in the face.

The situation was so bad that hospital staff ended up handcuffing North to a gurney in the hospital to restrain him. When the police arrived, they read him his Miranda rights, told him they were arresting him for battery, and then they took him to the police station.

North has since been released on bond, and he has since shared his side of the story in an Instagram story. He not only explained why he went crazy but also why he was in the emergency room.

North wrote, “My friend drove me to the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack. Several tests were taken, including blood, which came back negative for any drugs or alcohol in my system.”

North wasn’t having a heart attack, but he claims that his uncalled for actions at the hospital were due to “a severe anxiety attack.” He explained, “I have battled anxiety on and off for years and this was the most extreme panic attack I’ve ever had. Going forward I hope to shed light on this debilitating disorder and send hope to those who have also struggled.”

North also shared that he’s “upset” by what happened and has “the utmost respect” for everyone who works at the hospital.

Have you ever had a panic attack?