Olivia Munn Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

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Actress Olivia Munn recently shared a personal health struggle publicly for the first time. The actress turned to Instagram to share multiple photos and videos, including photos and videos that show her in the hospital.

She wrote in the caption, “I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I hope by sharing this it will help others find comfort, inspiration and support on their own journey.” 

Before you can see the pictures, Munn shared a written version of her story. She shared that in April 2023 she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Munn wrote, “I’ve tended to let people see me when I have energy, when I can get dressed and get out of the house, when I can take my baby boy to the park. I’ve kept the diagnosis and the worry and the recovery and the pain medicine and the paper gowns private. I needed to catch my breath and get through some of the hardest parts before sharing.”

Munn was diagnosed with “Luminal B cancer in both breasts.” She added, “Luminal B is an aggressive, fast moving cancer.” She continued, “30 days after that biopsy I had a double mastectomy.”

Despite her diagnosis, Munn considers herself “lucky” because they caught the cancer early enough “that I had options.”

Munn continued by thanking her friends, family, nurses and surgeons. She wrote, “Thank you to the friends who’ve had breast cancer and the friends who connected me to friends who’ve had breast cancer for guiding me through some of my most uncertain and overwhelming moments.”


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Munn urges all women to ask their doctor to do a Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Score. She credits this with saving her life. Otherwise, her diagnosis may have been too late.