Stop Washing Your Face with Soap! Use THIS Instead!

There is no bigger burden on skin than oils. When your skin gets oily, that oil builds up and clogs your pores, resulting in unsightly and often painful blemishes. We all know this. What some people might not know is that one of the best cleansers for your skin is ENTIRELY oil – olive oil, to be exact. Surprised? We don’t blame you. It seems counter-intuitive to use oil on your skin when an oily face can be a nightmare, but olive oil is different. Watch the video below to learn about what washing with olive oil can do for your skin.

I can personally attest to this beauty hack. As weird as it sounds, olive oil has saved my skin more than once!

Twice a week in the winter I like to make an olive oil, honey and baking soda face mask. The baking soda makes the concoction a paste that I can rub on my face, but I use the olive oil and honey to moisturize and sooth my dry, irritated skin. And this is just a one of the ways olive oil can improve your complexion!