Nurse Brilliantly Shuts Down Anti-Vaxxers Using Their Own Logic

Vaccinations: yep, we just trembled as we typed that word–and you probably trembled just reading it! These days, the topic of vaccinations is a charged one, with vocal parents finding themselves in either the pro-vaccine or ‘anti-vaxx’ camp. Though the latter is a much smaller percentage of parents, health experts fear that their deep distrust of the medical community will cause the return of once-eradicated diseases, all because they don’t want to vaccinate their children.

Obviously, those working in the medical community are miffed by this reality, but many haven’t argued against it as well as Megan Reclusado, a nurse that posted a brilliant anti-vaxxer shut-down to her personal Facebook page late last year.

Here are some snippets of her long, but very worthwhile read:

I think that people who don’t want to vaccinate should have the freedom to do so. If they think that “Big pharma” is just trying to turn a profit or poison us all… they should be allowed to believe that. But the caveat to that is this: Then they should NOT go to the doctor or the hospital when they get sick, looking for treatment. That’s right. And here’s why:

Ok, before you read this nurse’s explanation, take a deep breath because you are about to have a whole LOT of common sense (something that we don’t get enough of these days!) thrown at you. Here you go…

Big pharma makes those antibiotics we are going to pump you full of when you are about to die from sepsis. The steroids and epi we might give you to save your life from your anaphylaxis? Yep, big pharma is behind that too. That inhaler you need to treat your kids asthma? Better pass on that as well, because… you guessed it… brought to you by Big P. Having a heart attack? Better break out your essential oils and get your affairs in order, because the only thing we have to offer you is medicine and procedures brought to you by the very same people who are responsible for those vaccines you insist are evil. 

Yeah, yeah the last part about the essential oils is a little mean-spirited, but we have to admit that the nurse has a point–if these ant-vaxxers are so eager to call vaccines evil, why should they trust anything else frequently used in the healthcare system, including everything from antibiotics to life-saving surgeries.

Because the subject of vaccinations has been such a mainstay on the Internet for years now, it’s not surprising that Reclusado hit a nerve with many. Upon posting this, the once-anonymous nurse quickly gained ‘viral’ status. Her writing was picked up by news outlets the world over and has been shared over 37,000 times on Facebook.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the comments section at the bottom of her post is filled with fights aplenty, but it’s certainly hard to argue against the nurse’s sentiment. Especially, after she ended her post like this:

Everything has risks. Everything has side effects. Medicine is not perfect. We advocate for vaccinating your children and yourself because science has PROVEN its the most effective method of controlling the spread of disease and giving you and everyone around you the best chance of NOT DYING from something preventable. Believe me when I say that not vaccinating yourself or your children because you believe that big pharma only cares about profit or that the scientific medical community has been duped, is 100% insanity. 

And, later…


-A Registered Nurse

-A mother

-A college graduate (with a science based degree)


Talk about powerful! We have a feeling that this brilliant response to anti-vaxxers will be floating around for years to come.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this Facebook post. Do you agree with the nurse? Do you consider yourself to be an anti-vaxxer? If so, what is your response to this?