Is Grandma Wrong For Not Wanting To Turn One Of Her Rooms Into A Nursery For Her Grandson?

u/throwawaynursery7 via Reddit

When you’re expanding your family, it’s common to want to have everything as prepared as possible. That might mean a nursery decorated, baby clothes washed and folded, and all the baby gyms set up and ready to go. In some cases, new parents to also want their family to be as prepared as possible.

Case in point: one grandmother-to-be, who couldn’t wait to welcome her first grandson. However, when her pregnant daughter, Avery, and her husband, Tom, told her that in order to be fully equipped for the baby’s arrival that Grandma had to set up her own nursery in her home, she was at a loss.

The woman, who shared her story on a “Who’s The A**hole?” thread on Reddit, said that they requested that she empty one of the rooms in her own home (which is being used by her sons who currently live there) to create a welcoming space for the baby.

“[Tom] said that he expected me to, I asked why, he looked at me and said that every decent grandmother prepares a nursery at her home specifically to welcome her grandson as a new member of the extended family,” the woman wrote.

Tom’s mother apparently had her own nursery set up, and he expected his wife’s mother to do the same. But without the monetary means or space, she persistently told them no. That didn’t make them very happy, however.

“Avery took it as in I don’t care about her baby and don’t want to do anything for him but that is just not true,” the grandmother wrote. “The conversation turned into an argument and they left minutes later.”

Even after Tom agreed to pay for everything, and said that the grandmother just had to empty one of her rooms, she refused. That would mean moving her two sons in together, and she didn’t think it was reasonable.

Many people who read her story felt the same.

“They want your children who live there all of the time to be forced to share a room so that your grandchild, who will occasionally visit, can have its own nursery in your home?” someone wrote. “They have lost their minds. What a completely inappropriate thing to ask of your parents. It’s totally normal for a grandparent to keep some toys and possibly a pop-up crib in their home for occasional visits. This is not normal or acceptable behavior.”

“As a new parent, I don’t get it,” another person agreed. “When my baby was new, we brought everything we needed over. Eventually, the Grandparents started storing and buying things. I brought over a tin of formula and some bibs and dishes, and they each picked up some toys and books. My MIL bought a pack and play, my Mom is storing mine that we don’t really use.”

You can read the entire thread here!

What do you think—is the grandmother the jerk in this situation, or are Avery and Tom?

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