Not Only Is He ‘An Heir To Spare’ But Also A ‘Spare In His Own Marriage’

The phrase “Prince Harry is a spare in his own marriage” appears to be a play on the traditional idea within the British royal family of the “heir and the spare.” Historically, the term “spare” refers to the second-born child who is not the direct heir to the throne but serves as a backup in case something happens.

In reference to Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle, this phrase might suggest that he plays a secondary role to his wife, Meghan. This interpretation could be based on several factors. For instance, Meghan Markle is an actress and excels at being front and center in regards to media attention. She is also involved in many projects and activism such as the Archewell Foundation.

When the couple decided to step back from the royal family and become financially independent, some might see this as Meghan leading the way in creating their new roles in The United States.  Meghan’s impact on topics such as race, mental health, and feminism may also contribute to the perception of her having a leading role in their public life.

Further examples of Meghan taking over occurred when Harry and Meghan arrived in Nigeria two weeks ago. This trip was supposed to be connected to The Invictus Games, an International competition started by Prince Harry to help boost injured military personnel. He was excited to promote a new center focused on rehabilitating injured troops.

Next, Meghan takes over and talks to crowds about her DNA test that makes her 43% Nigerian. She went as far as to say Nigeria is “my country.” Royal Expert , Angela Levin claims there are fears Megan is taking over The Invictus games. Levin said “That was Harry’s, that was his star. That’s what he’d done very well. And Meghan’s taking it over. She gives the speeches and she stands in front of former and army people who are walking, and she walks on and she gives them the marching orders.”