Woman Says It Should Be Illegal For Companies To Not List Salaries In Job Postings, And Her Rant Has Gone Viral

Salaries can vary greatly when it comes to jobs. This is to be expected. Obviously someone who gets a part time job in high school is not going to make nearly as much as someone who has a lot of training and experience in a certain industry.

When applying for a job, the person applying probably has some sort of idea of the salary they hope to get paid. Perhaps there is a minimum salary that they would accept, and they probably wouldn’t apply for a job that pays less than the minimum salary they feel they need, because, let’s face it, the world is an expensive place to live, and with inflation, it just keeps getting more expensive.

One woman left a job interview furious at the experience. It wasn’t the job itself that she disliked. It actually seems like the interview itself went fairly well and that interviewer was considering hiring her for the job, but then something happened at the end of the interview that changed everything.

What happened? The person interviewing her told her the job’s salary. She was surprised at how low it was, but he explained, “There’s a lot more here to gain than just money.”

She found this idea completely ridiculous. In a TikTok she made about the experience, she said, “I don’t know what fantasy world you’re living in where people are letting you pay them in gold star stickers or whatever…I live in the real world where people need money to survive.”

You can watch her viral TikTok below but be advised that she drops some f-bombs during her rant.

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In a follow-up video, she added that she believes “it should be illegal” not to list the salary on a job posting because the salary is obviously a big part of why a person chooses to apply for a job. By not listing the salary, she feels that her time is being wasted by going on an interview for a job she is ultimately going to turn down.

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Many viewers agree that it doesn’t make sense to go to an interview when you don’t know how much the job pays. One person wrote, “100% no sense going through interviews just to find out it pays $15.”

Another comment reads, “I mean if a job just wants volunteers, they should say so.”

Do you think all job postings should include the salary? Have you ever turned down a job because the pay was less than you expected?