Nicolas Cage Receives Sad News About His Family

Weston Cage, Nicolas Cage’s oldest son allegedly hit his mother, Christina Fulton, in the face. She has been seen with dark facial marks and a black eye.

It has been reported by sources to TMZ that Weston is being considered as a suspect in a crime report involving his mother for an altercation that happened at Fulton’s home in Los Angeles on April 28.


The fight between mother and son started first as a verbal argument before becoming physical. First responders showed up to the mother’s house but she was not taken to the hospital. By the time the police showed up, 33 year old Weston was gone. In contrast, according to TMZ, sources close to Fulton say she was trying to emotionally console Weston and claims there was no argument between them.

Weston’s Mother,  Christina Fulton, is also a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. Christina Fulton, an actress and singer, dated Nicolas Cage in the late 1980s, and they share their son Weston, born in 1990. Weston Cage has pursued a career in music and acting, often making headlines for his tumultuous personal life.

Weston comes from a Hollywood family and also has ambitions as a musician and actor. He has even appeared in many of Nicolas Cage’s films. His first big screen appearance was in ’Lord of War’ (2005) and has been in more films over the years. His most recent appearance was ‘The Night They Came Home’ (2024).

Father Nicolas Cage spoke fondly of his eldest child to PEOPLE in , 2015. Cage referred to Weston “the total artist,” and added “He can do things I dream about doing … compose music, sing, act, sculpt and cook and now he is a loving father.”

Weston Cage’s legal troubles go back several years, with multiple incidents attracting public attention. In 2011, he was arrested for domestic violence. There was an altercation with his previous wife, Nikki Williams. Around the same time in 2011, Weston was involved in a street fight with his personal trainer in Los Angeles. The fight reportedly occurred after the trainer attempted to prevent Weston from endangering himself.This led to Weston’s hospitalization and psychiatric evaluation following this incident.

Also, Weston Cage has been open about his battles with substance abuse, which have significantly impacted his personal and professional life. In 2017, Weston was in the papers again for a DUI and hit and run in Los Angeles.