News Anchor Reporting On A Stolen Puppy Sees the Puppy in Question Walking With Kidnapper

They say that criminals often return to the scene of the crime, but it’s hard to believe that’s true until you hear a story like this one. One kidnapper actually returned to the scene of the crime with the dog he kidnapped, and he returned just at the right moment to get caught.

News anchor Juliana Mazza was reporting about the story of a stollen puppy. She was in the parking lot where the puppy was stollen out of a car. The puppy had pretty specific markings, a brown head, brown around the tail and a mainly white body. This made it possible for Mazza to think twice when she noticed a man walking a dog while she was filming the story about a missing dog.

The kidnapped dog’s name was Titus, and the quick-thinking news anchor had an idea. She asked the man walking the dog if she could pet the dog he was walking. He agreed, but Mazza didn’t really just want to pet the dog. She wanted to get a look at his dog collar and see if the name on the collar was Titus. It was.

Mazza never thought she would be the one to find the kidnapper, but now here she was with the kidnapper standing in front of her and the dog in her hands. She dialed 911.

Watch the video below to learn more about this incredible story including the kidnapper’s reaction when he realized Mazza was calling the police.

Titus’ owner, Greg, told 7News, “I’m just glad that the person came back and I’m just glad that you guys were there. If anyone ever sees this who question the value of media, social media, broadcast media, this proves it.”

While this story ended well, some people thing dog owners should consider it a warning to never leave their dogs unattended in a parked car.

Other Twitter users point out how this story demonstrates the importance of surveillance cameras.

Why do you think the kidnapper didn’t try to flee the scene before the news anchor called 911? Why do you think he returned to the parking lot where he took the dog? Do you think he really took the dog by accident?