New Lawsuit Accuses Axl Rose Of ‘Guns N’ Roses’ Band Of Sexually Assaulting Former Model


Axl Rose is known as the frontman for the band Guns N’ Roses. Now, he’s being accused of sexual assault.

Sheila Kennedy is a former Penthouse model featured as the “Pet of the Year” in 1983. Now, she is claiming that Rose sexually assaulted her back in 1989. She filed a lawsuit against Rose the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 22, 2023.

According to the lawsuit, Kennedy claims that she and Rose met at a nightclub in New York City. Rose invited her back to his hotel room. She claims he cleared the room of everyone except the two of them, Riki Rachtman, who hosted MTV’s “Headbangers Ball” at the time, and another unnamed female model. Once they were in his room, Kennedy claims Rose first had sex with the other model, but she claims it appeared “aggressive” and “painful.” She left the room and went to Rachtmans’ room, but Rose found her. She accuses him of “knocking her to the floor” and then proceeding to drag her by her hair back to his room “like a caveman would,” where he raped her. She claims “he was in a sexual, volatile rage.”

During the incident, Kennedy allegedly felt safer not to try to fight back. The lawsuit claims she “felt overpowered” and “understood that the safest thing to do was to lie in bed and wait for Rose to finish assaulting her.” In the years since the incident, Kennedy has allegedly experienced “severe emotional, physical, financial and psychological distress.”

In a statement, Rose’s attorney, Alan S. Gutman, told CNN, “this incident never happened.” He added, “Notably, these fictional claims were filed the day before the New York State filing deadline expires. Though he doesn’t deny the possibility of a fan photo taken in passing, Mr. Rose has no recollection of ever meeting or speaking to the Plaintiff, and has never heard about these fictional allegations prior to today.”

This lawsuit isn’t the first time Kennedy has claimed that Rose sexually assaulted her. Back in 2016, in her memoir “No One’s Pet,” Kennedy made similar accusations against Rose.

Watch the video below for more details about this new lawsuit.