Woman Offers To Do Nervous Elderly Couple’s Grocery Run While They Wait in the Car

These are unusual times at grocery stores. First, toilet paper was selling out. Now, other supplies are being depleted. Lines are all the way to the back of stores, and you’re lucky if you can find a shopping cart

Going grocery shopping can feel stressful for anyone right now due to the chaos and lack of essential items on your list, but for some people, it actually feels scary.

You might wonder why anyone would actually describe their feelings about grocery shopping in terms of “fear,” but for the older population, those who are more at risk of having complications if they come into contact with the coronavirus, fear is very real.

They’re not afraid of lines. They’re not afraid of not having enough toilet paper. They’re afraid for their health and possibly their lives.

Pro runner Rebecca Mehra was at a local shopping center when a lady in her ‘80s rolled down the window and caught her attention. She told Mehra that she had been sitting in her car in that parking spot for 45 minutes waiting for help. She was afraid to go into the grocery store because of the novel coronavirus, but she needed groceries.

The older woman handed Mehra a $100 bill and a grocery list. She asked Mehra if she would buy groceries for her, and Mehra did just that.

Mehra recounted the experience on Twitter and ended by saying, “I know it’s a time of hysteria and nerves, but offer to help anyone you can. Not everyone has people to turn to.”

Mehra’s tweet has touched so many people. It has been retweeted more than 10,000 times, and she even got to share her story on CNN.

Another twitter user shared a similar experience.


Many people have decided to take action due to Mehra’s story.

We’re definitely going to be on the lookout for anyone who needs help during these unusual times. Do you know anyone who needs help right now?