NBA Legend Hospitalized After Fall At Concert

Featureflash via Deposit Photos

On Friday, December 15, 2023, former basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reportedly attended a Los Angeles concert. Everything started fine, but it did not end well. TMZ reports that at some point during the concert, Abdul-Jabbar fell on the floor, and the fall was so bad that he shattered his hip.

Paramedics took Abdul-Jabbar to the hospital. According to Deborah Morales, Abdul-Jabbar’s representative, the former Lakers player is “deeply appreciative” of the fire department and “the amazing medical team and doctors at UCLA Hospital who are taking great care of” him.

As mentioned in Morales’s statement, Abdul-Jabbar was scheduled to undergo surgery on December 16th, the day after his fall.

According to Variety, the concert Abdul-Jabbar attended was the Manhattan Transfer, and it was the group’s final concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles.

Abdul-Jabbar wasn’t just an audience member at the concert. He was there to honor the group by reading a letter written by Vice President Kamala Harris as well as expressing his own feelings about the music group.

Abdul-Jabbar was never actually able to read the letter because his fall and hip injury happened prior to that point in the concert. The basketball star still wanted to be able to express his thoughts about the Manhattan Transfer, so he did so via a statement shared by Morales.

In the statement, Abdul-Jabbar shared, “The Manhattan Transfer first took the stage the same year I first took the NBA court. I’ve been listening to their unique blend of R&B, jazz, blues and pop ever since. Their artistry has lifted me when I needed lifting, soothed me when I needed soothing, and gave me joy when I needed to be joyful. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

In Abdul-Jabbar’s absence, musician and producer Mervyn Warren ended up being the one to read the letter from Harris at the Manhattan Transfer’s final concert. He wasn’t planning on being on stage during the concert. He had bought a third-row concert ticket and was surprised by the last minute honor bestowed upon him.

The letter from Harris reads, “For 50 years, the Manhattan Transfer has used its talent to spread positivity across languages, cultures and genres. Your music is a reflection of the ingenuity of the American people… As trailblazing artists, each member of the Manhattan Transfer’s uplifting and beautiful voice has made a profound impact on music lovers across our nation and around the world. Your work will continue to encourage the next generation of performers… Doug and I send our best wishes as you enter this next chapter.”