Natalee Holloway’s Brother Reveals Horrific Details Following Her Murder

In an exclusive sneak peek at Peacock’s new documentary “Pathological: The Lies of Joran van der Sloot,” Matthew Holloway, the brother of Natalee Holloway, vividly recalls the haunting days following her 2005 disappearance in Aruba. Despite exhaustive efforts, her body was never found. The documentary delves into Joran van der Sloot’s pattern of violence, exploring the chilling details of Natalee’s murder and his subsequent crime in 2010.

Matthew recounts the heart-wrenching search for Natalee’s body, describing his father’s relentless efforts, including searching through a landfill. His recollection echoes the deep emotional toll the disappearance took on the Holloway family.

“I remember my dad jumping down into a landfill and just physically ripping open trash bags, moving large appliances, picking up stuff with his bare hands, and just searching for Natalee’s body,” he said. “Dad was in that 100 percent and seeing that was really powerful.”

The documentary promises rare interviews with the victims’ family members, eyewitnesses, and experts on the criminal mind, offering an in-depth perspective on Joran’s deceitful actions. It aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the events that unfolded during and after Natalee’s tragic disappearance.

The release of “Pathological” follows Joran van der Sloot’s recent sentencing to 20 years in prison for extorting Natalee’s mother, Beth Holloway. This new development adds another layer of complexity to a case that has captivated the world for nearly two decades. The documentary explores the aftermath of Joran’s sentencing and the impact on Natalee’s family.

In addition to Matthew’s firsthand account, the documentary features exclusive insights into the psychological aspects of Joran’s behavior. It scrutinizes his lifelong pattern of violence and pathological lying, shedding light on the dark motives behind Natalee’s murder and the subsequent crime in 2010.

The documentary provides a glimpse into Joran van der Sloot’s psyche, unraveling the factors that led to the brutal killing of Natalee and the later murder of Stephany Flores. This exploration of his criminal mind aims to answer lingering questions surrounding his actions.

Matthew reflects on the profound impact of the search for his sister’s body, stating, “I had a gut feeling that, just as a parent, you have that feeling that she’s not here anymore.”

“Pathological: The Lies of Joran van der Sloot” airs on Tuesday, Feb. 27 on Peacock, offering a compelling exploration into a case that shook the world and the disturbing truth behind Natalee Holloway’s tragic fate. As the documentary unveils shocking revelations about Natalee Holloway’s murder, it prompts reflection on whether justice has truly been served or if lingering questions leave viewers unsettled.

Can’t wait to view? Check out an exclusive clip from the documentary in the video below.

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