Sitter’s Deeds Caught on Camera

One of the biggest worries of a parent is finding adequate childcare. Trusting someone with your most precious treasures isn’t easy, especially when they’re unable to speak up for themselves. It can make you wish you had an extra set of eyes on them all day.

Last June when Tiffany Fields hired a caregiver to take care of her 4-year-old son Luke, she did so through a local agency in Lexington, Kentucky. Tiffany and her husband Timothy made arrangements for Lillian White to care for Luke, who has Down syndrome, epilepsy, and a heart defect.

As time went on, Tiffany noticed that Luke’s behavior was different, and something was off. She decided to install a nanny-cam to see what she could capture. Unbeknownst to Lillian White, her actions and were being recorded.  What Tiffany ended up seeing is one of every parent’s worst nightmares.

Though White was hired to work one day a week, the effects of her interaction with Luke were damaging. Camera footage revealed that she was abusing the boy both verbally and physically. In the horrifying clip seen below from WKYT, the woman is seen dragging Luke and sitting on his chest while changing his diaper.

The nanny-cam was in place for about a week or so when White was taped, and she was promptly arrested in October 2016. She was charged with second degree criminal abuse of a child and plead not guilty.

An attorney for the family stated how Tiffany Field’s concerns came to light:

“Luke had always been a very loving child, had always been the type of child that liked to be held by his mother,” Dale Golden said. “Suddenly, all of that changed and that caused Tiffany to become very concerned.”

As a result of the family’s ordeal, Kentucky lawmaker Dennis Keene pushed to pass a bill called Sophie’s Law. The bill’s purpose is to create a system for registering convicted child abusers, similar to a sex offender registry. Spawned from the case of Sophie Diaz who was 4 months old when she had to be hospitalized as a result of a babysitter’s abuse, Keene is adamant about its passing.

It’s disturbing to think what else might have happened if these parents hadn’t followed their instincts and recorded this sitter. According to WKYT, their attorney was looking into culpability of White’s employer, Caretenders. The agency provides home health care services in the community.

We know that children and special needs individuals are among the most vulnerable in our society. If you need help finding a suitable caregiver, check with your state to see if they have a directory for licensed centers and in-home providers. States like Georgia and Indiana have databases that include complaints and citations. When choosing a provider, make sure they have an open door “spot check” policy for parents too. Always go with your gut!

Luke and his parents will have to find a way to heal from this trauma, but we’re glad Tiffany took the steps she did. Have you ever had a gut feeling about a babysitter? How would you react if you saw something like this on your nanny cam? Share with us in the comments!