How to Make Sure Mosquitoes Don’t Even Want to Hang Around Your Home

There’s one thing we can all agree on: mosquitoes are the worst.

They ruin the ambiance when you’re trying to eat outside, they cause intense itching when they bite, and, perhaps most importantly, they can even cause health risks and diseases. In fact, sadly so, those buggers are responsible for up to one million deaths a year.

The good news? There are ways reduce the amount of mosquitos that hang around your home. And we’re not talking about the common mosquito repellants that never seem to actually work. We’re talking about simple, affordable ways to steer clear of skeeters.

First off, it’s important to make sure you’re looking out for any standing water outside. If you haven’t noticed, mosquitoes love to hang around things such as outdoor furniture that may have some water droplets on them, flowerpots that were just watered, or lawn toys covered in dew. Be sure to wipe down any of these objects and watery areas before spending the day outside.

Another simple way you might be able to eliminate these buggers is to get dressed in a dark-colored outfit. While black might not be your favorite summertime color, you’ll thank us when all your friends in floral are getting bitten alive and you’re staying itch-free. “Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors,” explains Thomas Scott, Ph.D., professor of epidemiology at U.C. Davis.

Speaking of attire, it’s also a good idea to be donning clothing that covers your arms and legs—another not-so-trendy style for hot summer days, but if you can find some lightweight blouses and pants, the mosquitos are sure to bother you less.

If you’re having people over, one of the best ways to ensure that mosquitoes don’t bother anyone is to rent a tent to put over the outdoor space. Not only will this help you avoid mosquitoes and keep them out of the main party area, but this will eliminate the chance of food accidentally being sprayed with repellents. Plus, it’ll keep out other annoying bugs, like mayflies or bees.

Bonus: Tents will be great for scorching days to protect everyone from the sun, or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, protect them from rain in the event precipitation threatens your summer BBQ.

Double bonus: Mosquitoes are super attracted to sweat, and a tent can eliminate the sun shining directly on the skin, which can cause sweating. You could also hold a nighttime backyard shindig, which would hopefully eliminate any sweating at all, depending on where you live.

On that note, if people are staying at the event into the night, try purchasing a lantern, or even a mosquito-repellent patio lantern, if you can find one. You can hang these or place them on the steps of the deck or patio. Additionally, check out wax candles that contain geraniol, which has been proven to help limit mosquitoes even more than citronella does.

Looking for even more ways to ensure a mosquito-free home? Check out the video below for natural ways to eliminate mosquitos.

How do you make sure you keep the mosquitos away from your home?