Mormon TikTok Influencer Feels “Free” After Sharing Her “Dirty Secret”

@taylorfrankiepaul via Instagram

Last summer, Mormon TikTok influencer Taylor Frankie Paul, shocked her 3.5 million followers by announcing the news that she was getting divorced, and she explained that the big reason for the divorce was that she and her soon to be ex-husband were participating in “soft swinging.”

Followers first expressed alarm when Paul shared a video where her house was filled with moving boxes and she implied that she would be a single parent soon.

Then, Paul shared another video where she swung keys in front of the camera with text on the screen reading, “In my twenties, getting divorced, starting therapy, living on my own for the first time ever along with two little kids.”

@taylorfrankiepaulAn unfortunate announcement♬ Malibu – Miley Cyrus

Then, Paul shared another video of herself at home all alone not sure what to do.

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During a livestream, Paul came clean about the intimate details she had been keeping quiet for so long. While swinging is when multiple married couples mutually decide not to have a monogamous relationship, “soft swinging” is basically the same except, as Paul described it, there’s an agreement not to go “too far.”

Paul explained that everyone in their circle of friends was intimate with everyone else. She said, “I’ve made out with all the husbands and vice versa.”

She did admit that one time she and one of the husbands broke the rules and went “all the way.” She hadn’t told anyone but felt “free” after admitting to this “secret.”

She said, “All my dirty secrets are out and I have nothing to hide anymore. We partied, we were intimate with other people.”

At the time, Paul said she wouldn’t be sharing anything else, but since, she has actually shared quite a few videos on TikTok of her life as a single mom including tips on how to make life easier as a divorced mom.