Morgan Wallen Fans Behaving Badly Towards Taylor Swift

Country star Morgan Wallen took the stage at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on Friday April 5, 2024, as part of his tour. He was performing at the stadium two nights in a row, and before he started the concert, he had a few tidbits of information to share with the crowd.

In a video of the concert sharing on TikTok, Wallen is seen walking on the stage talking to the audience and telling them a few things he learned backstage. He said, “They told me right before I walked on stage this is the single most attended concert in the history of this building.” The crowd responded to the the news with a loud cheer.

Then Wallen added, “And that we’re the first people to do it two nights in a row, so thank you for making it possible for me to say that.” The crowd continued cheering.

Then Wallen added another comment about another popular singer that ended up causing the crowd to change from cheering to booing. Adding to his comment about being happy to say that he was the first one to have a sold out concert two nights in a row at this particular venue, Wallen said, “I’m going to say that until Taylor Swift comes to town in the fall,” basically insinuating that Swift will most likely break his record for sold out crowds at this venue.

Seconds later, Wallen fans can be heard booing. Are they booing Swift? Are they booing Wallen’s statement that Swift has more fans than he does? Regardless, Wallen discourages his fans from booing. Once the booing starts, Wallen tells the crowd, “We ain’t gotta boo.”

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In the comments of the TikTok video, many Wallen fans shared that they are fans of both Swift and Wallen and that his response when the crowd started booing made them like Wallen more than ever. One comment reads, “Love Morgan! He will always have a fan in me, but a lot of his fans are questionable lol I’m also a Swiftie!! Love to see my fave artists thriving and not downing each other!”

For more about the controversial reaction to the crowd’s response to Wallen’s comment about Swift, watch the video below.

Does it surprise you that Wallen’s fans booed at the concert after his comment about Swift? Do you think Wallen was right that Swift will break his record at the venue the next time she’s in town?