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Many people struggle to lose weight. Weight loss can be very difficult, and what works for one person may not work for someone else. In addition, once a person actually reaches his or her goal weight, it is sometimes extremely difficult to maintain that weight. In some cases, the person might gain everything back or end up weighing even more.

On a recent episode of “The Talk UK,” Sharon Osbourne shared about her weight loss struggle including what worked for her and how it has been trying to maintain her weight.

During the show, the co-hosts were talking about the prescription medications Wegovy and Ozempic, which are both injectable medications that can result in weight loss. Ozempic came first. It was approved by the FDA in 2017, but it was not approved for weight loss. Instead, it was approved for managing type 2 diabetes. 

A side effect of taking Ozempic was weight loss. According to trials, on average, people who take the medication lose about 6% of their body weight within a year.

As a result of Ozempic’s success with weight loss, Wegovy was created specifically for weight loss. Both drugs are semaglutides, but Wegovy is more effective at quick weight loss. According to trials, on average, people who take it lose 15.8% of their body weight within 68 weeks. 

During the segment, Osbourne shared that she previously took an injectable weight loss medication, and it was very effective for her. She ended up losing 30 pounds, and she has kept it off even while eating normally. She said, “I took it for four months, I lost 30 pounds. I’ve just shoved two chips in my mouth, while we had the break, and I eat normally now, and I haven’t put on a pound. Nothing.”

Osbourne did not share the name of the medication she took, but she did share the side effects she experienced. Although it was effective at helping her lose weight, it was also an uncomfortable several months. She explained, “I was very sick for a couple of months. The first couple of months, I just felt nauseous. Every day I felt nauseous, my stomach was upset, whatever.”

Common side effects of taking Wegovy are nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, burping, heartburn, vomiting and constipation. More severe and also rare side effects include dizziness, fainting, rashes, rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing or swallowing, swelling, vision changes, and yellowing of the skin or eyes.

Would you ever consider an injectable weight loss drug considering all of the side effects? Does it surprise you that Osbourne was able to lose so much weight and keep it off while eating normally?