More Sad Amanda Bynes News

In 2013, actress Amanda Bynes was put under a conservatorship after a series of strange events, such as one in which she set her neighbor’s driveway on fire. Bynes, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, was under the conservatorship for nine years, and her mother was her conservator during that time.

Almost exactly a year ago, Bynes was released from her conservatorship. All seemed well until recently. Now, after another strange incident, Bynes is back in the hospital for her mental health.

On Sunday March 19, 2023,an eyewitness told TMZ that Bynes was roaming around near downtown Los Angeles early in the morning, and she wasn’t wearing any clothes. She was by herself and waved down a car to ask for help. She explained that she was coming down from a psychotic episode, and she called 911.


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Bynes was taken to a local police station where her mental health was evaluated, and she was then placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold. Usually, a psychiatric hold only lasts for 72 hours, but it can be extended when necessary. According to a source, Bynes is currently hospitalized.

Bynes wasn’t even supposed to be in Los Angeles this weekend. She was originally supposed to be at ’90s Con in Connecticut, but she didn’t attend due to her mental health. With Bynes dropping out of the event, Kenan Thompson surprised fans by taking her place at the event.

Thankfully, it does not appear that Bynes was physically injured in any way. Previously, Bynes claimed that her mental health struggles stem from mental and sexual abuse from her father when she was younger. Her last acting credit is from 2010.

On Instagram, many of Bynes’ fans are turning to the comments of her most recent post, which was from 2020, to encourage her and let her know they wish her well. One person wrote, “Im bipolar too. Wish you the best sister.”

Another comment reads, “We love you just get the help you need and we’ll all be here cheering for you when you get to feeling better. And you will feel better, never lose hope, God loves you so much Amanda.”