More Relationship Turbulence Between Brad Pitt And His Kids

Just days after she turned 18, Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s daughter Shiloh petitions the court to make a legal name change. She is requesting to drop Pitt from her last name and simply make her name Shiloh Jolie.

Interestingly per TMZ, Shiloh requested this change with the court system on Monday which was the holiday Memorial Day and the date of her 18th birthday. This makes a statement that this request was made on a holiday and on the exact date of her birthday.

The name change request is still pending;but, should become reality soon. There have been several reports of Brad’s turbulent relationship with his kids since the divorce filing back in 2016. The split up has been in court for years. Of course there are a total of 6 kids in the family. Shiloh is a biological child of Angelina and Brad. Also, the couple is fighting for control of their winery Chateau Miraval

A few of the other kids have dropped from their names as well. The oldest child Maddox doesn’t use the Pitt in his name. Neither does Zahara Jolie. Recently, 15-year-old Vivienne made news when her name was printed up as Vivienne Jolie in a Broadway musical program she is working on with her Mother Angelina Jolie. However, Shiloh is the only child who has requested a legal name change.


In an article in People magazine from August 2022, a Brad Pitt source told People the actor was working to be in a “better place” with his kids. The source said, “Since Angelina filed for divorce, Brad has been focused on having the best relationship possible with his kids,” the insider said. “It’s been very difficult for him. Many times, there have been long gaps where he didn’t see the kids at all.” The source summarized that the situation has been sad one for a long time.