More Morgan Wallen Bad News

Country singer Morgan Wallen angered fans when he canceled a performance so last minute that his fans were already seated at the concert venue. At the time, he claimed that he wasn’t able to sing because he was having issues with his voice.

Some fans seemed to understand, but others were not very understanding, especially after a security guard at the venue claimed that nothing was wrong with Wallen’s voice but he was actually just too drunk to go on stage.

Now, we know the truth. Wallen’s voice really is giving him problems, and that means more canceled shows. He turned to Instagram to post a video explaining the “bad news” his doctors gave him and what it means for his career.


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In the video, Wallen explains that he rested his voice for a total of 10 days to prepare for three shows in Florida. He was able to perform during all three shows last weekend; however, he explained “by the third one I felt terrible.”

As a result, Wallen went back to his doctors and learned that he had injured his vocal chords. He explained, “I have vocal trauma.” His doctors told him that he needs to rest his voice for six weeks. That means no singing during that time, and they want him to talk as little as possible.

Was Wallen defying his doctors orders by talking all throughout this video? No. He explained, “They want me not to talk at all, but they said if I need to it’s okay for something like this. ”

Wallen explained just how serious this situation is for his career. He said, “They told me that if I do this the right way that I’ll get back to 100%, and they also said that if I don’t listen and I keep singing I’ll permanently damage my voice.”

Wallen has chosen “the longevity of my career” over the next few weeks, and has decided to take his doctors’ advice seriously. He will not be performing at any of the shows that were scheduled for the next six weeks. That includes festivals. He added, “We’re working on rescheduling all the dates during this timeframe. We’ve almost got that done, but some of them are pending so I’ll keep you updated.” He also explained he plans to perform at the festivals next year to make up for missing them this year.

At the end of the video, Wallen thanked his fans for their support and said, “I’ll see you soon, and I’ll be back better than ever.”

Watch the video below to hear Wallen’s full explanation for yourself.


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Does it surprise you that Wallen actually does have vocal trauma? Do you think he will be back “better than ever” after his six weeks of vocal rest?