She is A 26 Year-Old Mom Of 22 Children And Not Stopping Until She Has 100 Kids

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In a remarkable display of family size, Kristina Ozturk, a 26-year-old Russian mother residing in Georgia, has gained attention for sharing a video featuring her staggering 22 children, 20 of whom were born in just over a year through surrogacy. Kristina, along with her millionaire husband Galip, aspires to have as many as 105 biological children.

In an endearing Instagram video, Kristina’s children cheerfully list their names and birthdates, showcasing the astonishing fact that all but two were born in the year 2020. The eldest, Victoria, was born in 2014 from Kristina’s previous marriage, and the latest addition, Olivia, joined the family in January 2021.

The video, shared on Kristina’s Instagram account with over 231,000 followers, has viewers expressing awe and admiration for the bustling Ozturk family. Comments poured in, with many acknowledging the challenge of keeping track of the children due to their sheer number.

Kristina, originally from Moscow, has become an internet sensation, often updating followers on her daily life and family experiences. In February, she released a book detailing her parenting journey, aiming to provide valuable insights to fellow parents.

The Ozturk family faced a significant setback as Galip, the family’s patriarch and a wealthy hotel owner, received an eight-year prison sentence earlier this year for illegal drug-related charges. Despite this challenging period, Kristina expressed gratitude for the support received from followers and conveyed the difficulty of managing the family page in her husband’s absence.


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The family’s story took a dramatic turn when special forces raided Galip’s hotel on the Georgian coast following his arrest. Kristina, in emotional Instagram posts, shared the impact of loneliness and the void left by her husband’s absence. The challenging times prompted expressions of support from followers, emphasizing the importance of family and love.

Kristina and Galip opted for surrogacy to realize their dream of having a large family swiftly. The state of Georgia, where they reside, permits surrogacy for heterosexual married couples. The couple meticulously chooses surrogate mothers through a clinic in Batumi, maintaining limited direct contact to avoid potential complications.

Despite facing hurdles, including a surrogate mother wanting to keep a child, the Ozturk family continues to grow. Kristina’s determination and openness about their experiences have garnered significant online attention. The couple envisions having over 100 children but plans to wait until their current brood is older before embarking on another surrogacy journey.

As Kristina navigates a unique and expansive family life, her Instagram updates provide a glimpse into the joys and complexities of managing a household teeming with love and laughter.

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