Family’s Ring Doorbell Camera Video Shows Mom Is “The Default Parent”

Sometimes moms feel like their kids rely on them for everything even when their dad is right there. Does it just feel this way or is it actually true?

One mom named Toniann Marchese has proof that her kids rely on her for everything even when she’s not home but their dad is standing right next to them, and she has her Ring doorbell camera to thank.

Marchese posted a video on TikTok that was taken by her Ring doorbell camera. If you have a Ring, you probably know that when someone pushes the button, you are alerted that someone is at the door on your connected cell phone. That means that you can talk to someone at the door through your phone connected to the Ring doorbell even if you are not home.

One day, Marchese left home to go to a store, and she left her children with their dad. You’d think the children would go to their dad for help, but no, they didn’t. Instead, they used the Ring doorbell to call their mom to ask her for help! This is kind of a smart way for kids who don’t have phones to get in touch with their parents when they’re not home, but when dad actually is home, it’s something else. We’re tempted to use the word “ridiculous,” but that doesn’t seem quite right. Perhaps the word we’re looking for is “hilarious.” Either way, we can totally relate.

Watch the Ring doorbell footage for yourself in the video below.

@tinyann22 Moms can never get a minute of peace lol #momsoftiktok #momlife #ring #camera #kidsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Toni Ann

As you can see in that video, Marchese asks several time, “Where is dad?” Instead of answering her, the kids continue to tell her what’s wrong instead of finding their dad.

Eventually, Marchese’s son did actually listen to his mom and go to look for his dad. In a follow-up video Marchese posted to TikTok, she shows that dad was actually home the whole time.

@tinyann22 Replying to @iustmerlp part 2… daddy was found! Lol #kidsoftiktok #momsoftiktok #parentsoftiktok #fyp #ring #prioritiesfirst ♬ original sound – Toni Ann

Many parents commented on Marchese’s videos sharing that they can completely relate. One viewer wrote, “As a mom I 100% feel this video! Always coming to mom for questions! GO ASK YOUR DAD”

Another comment reads, “I think I love it more that dad stands there as proof that he’s there but still is not taking part in the convo. My husband would do the same.”

Then other people commented that it was “genius” for the kids to think to use the Ring to call their mom. One viewer wrote, “I wouldn’t have thought of this as a child if we had the luxury of ring doorbells.”

Another comment reads, “Honestly, I’m 40 and if my mom had a ring doorbell, I’d do the same thing.”

Does it surprise you more that little kids would think to use the Ring doorbell to call their mom when she wasn’t home or that they called their mom to ask for help when dad was right there?