Mom Helps Deliver Friend’s Baby, Then Takes A Close Look And Realizes Her Husband Is The Father

When TikTok user Hailey Mae found out she was pregnant, her husband set strict rules for her to make sure she was clean and sober. He didn’t want her drinking alcohol or using drugs while she was pregnant, so she followed those rules and got sober.

Previously, Mae had been partying with her husband and some of their friends, including a friend she refers to now as her ex-best friend. In a TikTok video, Mae explained that when she was pregnant, she stopped partying and didn’t see their circle of friends as much because of her husband’s rules and because she was staying sober.

Mae and her now ex-husband have three children together. She loves her children and wants the best life for them. That’s why, when she realized her husband had an affair, she chose to do something rather unusual – remain on friendly terms with him and the person he had an affair with.

You see, this situation is kind of complicated. It turns out that the person he had the affair with was her best friend at the time. Mae explained the entire situation on TikTok, including how she found out he had an affair. Listen to her explanation in the video below.

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As Mae mentioned, she found out her husband had an affair when she realized her best friend’s baby had an unusual birthmark that was hereditary on her husband’s side.

After posting this video, many TikTok users had questions. For example, did the two parties involved in the affair ever admit to the truth? Mae answered that question in a follow-up video.

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Mae explained that she does keep in touch with both her ex-husband and her ex-best friend because of her children and her children’s step-sister. She wants them to know each other, and she feels that being on good terms with everyone is best for the children. She explained, “I have a half brother that I met when I was 12, and he’s one of my best friends. I couldn’t imagine my life without him, so I want my children to know who is their blood.”

She also explained that her ex-best friend and ex-husband “are not together.” In fact, her ex-best friend has cut the ex-husband out of her life and doesn’t allow him to see her daughter.

As for Mae, she stayed married to her now ex-husband “for a couple of years after this incident.” She describes her state of mind at that time as “delusional.” She has since left him but is co-parenting with him. She added, “I have very high standards for my kids seeing their dad.”