Mom Is Criticized For Giving “The Big Kiss” But We Know Why She Did This Now

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Little children sometimes do seemingly simple things that can really worry their parents. Their sense of what is safe to do and what is not safe to do doesn’t exist in the same way it does for those of us who have been on the planet longer. That’s why it’s always important for a responsible adult to be nearby and paying attention around babies and young children.

Let’s talk about eating. Teaching a baby or toddler to eat by themselves is messy business. There’s bound to be a lot of food on the floor and on their face. A bib comes in handy to keep their clothes mess-free, but a mess is not the only problem.

What do you do when a child sticks something up their nose? You might try to get them to blow it out. You might see if you can stick something up their nose to dislodge it. You might rush them to urgent care or your local hospital.

It turns out there’s an easier solution, and one mom demonstrated this when her child stuck a pea up his nose. Yes, a green pea. Yes, up his nose.

In a video shared to Tiny Hearts Eduction’s Instagram account, a mom says, “Watch me dislodge a pea stuck up my little boy’s nose.” Then she proceeds to demonstrate a trick that is sometimes referred to as “the mother’s kiss,” but she suggests we should call this trick “the big kiss” instead since it can be done by “any trusted adult.”

The trick involves using your fingers to cover the nostril that does not have the pea inside. Then, she covers her sons mouth with her mouth to “form a seal.” Next, “Blow until you feel a resistance which causes the closure of the glottis.” Finally, “Give a sharp and short puff of air into the mouth which travels through the nasopharynx and hopefully pushes the cheeky object out.”

In the video, we see the pea exit the little boy’s nose, and the mother proceeds to “celebrate.” The mother shared that this trick doesn’t always work but does work about 60% of the time. She also shared that if possible, use this trick “under medical supervision.”

Watch her demonstration for yourself in the video below.


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This trick can be used for more than just a food item stuck up the nose. It can be used when any object is stuck up the nose.

Has your child ever stuck anything up his or her nose?