Moderna Says Its Vaccine Is 100% Effective Against COVID-19 for Teens Ages 12 to 18

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Currently, there is only one vaccine that is approved for teens in the 12-15 age category in the United States. Anyone in that age group can get the Pfizer vaccine which has been approved for emergency authorized use. It’s possible that the Moderna vaccine will approved for teens 12+ in the near future.

Moderna has been conducting a trial of teens age 12 to 17 years old. More than 3,700 people participated in the trial. After the first dose of the vaccine, Moderna announced that it had proven to be 93% effective. Two weeks later, participants were given a second dose of the vaccine, and now the results are in. After the 2nd dose, the vaccine has proven to be 100% effective in this age group.

Participants did not experience any serious side effects after getting vaccinated. The most common side effects were muscle pain, chills, fatigue and headache.

The study isn’t completely over yet, but the results so far are positive. Everyone who participated in the study will be monitored for 12 months to make sure the vaccine is safe long-term.

Watch the video below for more details about the safety and effectiveness of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine in children 12+.

As mentioned in the video, Moderna has not yet submitted their data to the FDA for review. Once the data is submitted, the FDA will have to carefully review it before deciding whether or not to approve the vaccine for children ages 12+.

Do you think the Moderna vaccine will be approved for age 12+?