Model Jeff Thomas Cause of Death Revealed

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On Wednesday March 8, 2023, the body of model Jeff Thomas was found on the ground outside his apartment complex in Miami, Florida. It was a 57-story tall building. He was only 35 years old.

Witnesses claimed Jeff committed suicide and jumped to his death. His brother, Skylar Ray Thomas, insinuated the same sentiment in a post on Facebook in which he announced Jeff’s death. He wrote, “Jeff struggled with addiction and mental health challenges, which ultimately led to his tragic passing.”

Not everyone believes that Jeff committed suicide. His death may have been an accident.


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According to his Los Angeles agent from The Sovereign Talent Group, it doesn’t make sense that Jeff would commit suicide. She explained that she and Jeff, who recently moved from Los Angeles to Miami, were texting back and forth less than 24 hours before he died. She said, “He couldn’t wait to tell me about his move to Miami. He seemed thrilled and was proud of himself. He was happy, motivated and excited for his next step just loving life.”

His agent has another theory about how Jeff died. She seems to believe that it may have been a tragic accident. She explained, “I just can’t believe it’s true that he intentionally did this. He may have fallen while he was taking a selfie.”

Just one day before Jeff died, he posted a series of photos on Instagram in which he was posing on what looks like a balcony. In two of the photos, he is sitting on top of the balcony’s ledge. He captioned the post, “From the ashes…” After the tragic end to his life, some of his followers think these photos seem like “foreshadowing,” and, if his death wasn’t an accident but a suicide, perhaps they were also “a small cry for help.”


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Meghan Rae, Jeff’s cousin, agrees with his agent that his death could not have been a suicide. She told The Daily Mail, “This was not a suicide. To report otherwise is a complete disregard to his character and who he was.” She added, “The information being published is false and defamatory. No further comments will be made by our family. Please respect our privacy and his memory during this difficult time.”

Jeff’s autopsy has been completed, but an official cause of death has yet to be publicly released.