Missing 2-year-old Oklahoma Boy Found Safe Over 24 Hours After He Disappeared

When a 2-year-old goes missing, especially during a global pandemic, it’s only natural to drop everything to search for them.

That’s just what happened in Oklahoma when little Jesse Dale Young went missing on May 6 from his family’s home north of Salina.

He was wearing only his pull-up diaper and blue Crocs shoes when he disappeared. At just 3 feet 3 inches tall and weighing 35 pounds, the little tyke could’ve been anywhere.

The Mayes County Sheriff’s Office recruited multiple other law enforcement and fire departments to find the little boy. Additionally, volunteers from all over came to search for Jesse. There were people on foot as well as deputies on horseback searching day and night for a full 24 hours until they were able to locate Jesse.

Additionally, a helicopter helped in the search by using infrared technology in an attempt to pick up a heat signature from Jesse.

“People in a rural area kind of stick together and as you can tell everybody’s sticking together,” said Major Rod Howell with the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office. “Everybody’s trying to come together for this child and for this family.”

During the search, his family was growing increasingly worried. “He’ll run and play with the dogs and things like that,” said Steve Smith, Jesse’s uncle. “They’re his sidekicks. But of course, he’s never gone this far or been gone this long.”

Thankfully, with everyone’s help, as well as the help of a search and rescue bloodhound sniffing Jesse’s clothing, the department was able to locate Jesse about two miles from where he went missing. He was found alive and well, and, most importantly, safe. Thank goodness!

What would you have done if your 2-year-old went missing during a pandemic? How great was it that everyone was able to come together to help find this missing toddler?