Mia Goth Accused, Bad News

Featureflash via Deposit Photos

Actress Mia Goth is best known for her roles in the films “Pearl,” “Suspiria,” “X” and “Infinity Pool.” According to IMDB, she has three upcoming projects in various stages of completion. One of those films is a horror movie named “MaXXXine” which is currently listed as being in post-production.

Now, one of the background actors on the movie “MaXXXine” has come forward to complain about his time working on the movie and to specifically blame Goth for the issues he faced during the film.

Deadline reports that actor James Hunter has filed a lawsuit against Goth. In the lawsuit, he claims that he suffered from a concussion while on the set of “MaXXXine” in 2023, and he also claims that Goth caused the concussion.

Hunter explained that his role in the film was as a “dead parishioner,” and his role on set was supposed to last for three days. During the scene, Hunter was covered in fake blood and lying on the ground. Goth was supposed to step over him. Hunter claims that Goth was “warned to be careful” during the scene so that she would make sure she knew where she was stepping.

According to Hunter, Goth was careful about her footsteps – careful to step on him. In one take, he claims that she almost stepped on him. He complained, but it didn’t help. He claims that in the very next take she “intentionally and willfully assaulted” him by kicking him in the side of the head with the boots she was wearing. The court documents explain, “The kick in the head caused [Hunter] to immediately experience headache and stiffness in his neck.”

Hunter complained again and made it known that he was in pain, yet “no medical assistance was provided.” After the incident, Hunter was in the bathroom when he claims Goth came in and “taunted, mocked, and belittled” him. He also claims she “dared” him “to do anything about it.”

He also claims that he experienced light headedness when he drove home and had to pull over to the side of the road.

In addition to hurting him physically, Hunter claims that he was also impacted financially. He received a phone call telling him that they wouldn’t need him on set for any more days of the shoot even though he was originally supposed to be on set for three days. He only worked one day. The casting company told Hunter, “Whatever happened, production does not want you back.”

Hunter continued to have symptoms of head trauma “including loss of memory, confusion and disorientation.” That led him to go to the doctor who diagnosed him with a concussion from “being kicked in the head.”

The lawsuit was filed against both Goth, production company A24, and Ti West, the film’s director for wrongful termination. Hunter is also accusing Goth of battery.

Do you think Goth is guilty?