Mesh Pants Now Exists to Slip Over Your Shorts to Keep Mosquitos Away Throughout the Summer

Coghlan's via Amazon

We love spending as much time as possible outside when the weather is warm and sunny. Yet, there is one thing that drives us inside earlier than we would like. In a word, mosquitoes.

Some people tend to get eaten alive by mosquitoes more than others, and we are some people. Whatever it is that makes mosquitoes want to bite, we have it. If we are anywhere near standing water where mosquitoes breed, we end up covered in bites. If we miss a spot with mosquito repellent, mosquitoes find it and bite. Can you relate?

If you or someone you know gets eaten alive by mosquitoes, we’ve found a rather unusual yet someone genius product that just might solve the problem.

Coghlan’s has created a pair of mesh pants that easily slip on over a pair of shorts. They come in multiple sizes to easily fit anyone up to 300 pounds. They are meant to fit loosely, but they have an elastic waist and elastic around the cuffs at the ankles so that mosquitos have no chance of flying under the mesh.

These full-length pants are designed to keep mosquitoes, ticks and no-see-ums from biting. The loose mesh fabric keeps bugs a safe distance from the wearer’s legs.

While it might look a little odd to wear mesh pants over your shorts, it certainly looks better than being covered in welt-like mosquito bites. These pants are made with a lightweight fabric, so wearing them over a pair of shorts is much cooler than wearing jeans on a hot summer day.

Many reviewers are raving about these mesh pants saying that they really work. One person wrote, “Chiggers & Mosquitos are THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE… 2 days ago (after suffering at least 10 bites on my arms & legs), I had enough!! did my research on ways to keep these odious pests off of me & came upon Coghlan’s whole outfit. Based on reviews, I was sold!This is my first review ever… was compelled to leave one after spending this afternoon in my garden (wearing these & the Coghlan’s shirt). I saw at least 3 mosquitos fly up to my face & then fly AWAY!!!!!…No bites, easy outfit to take on/off, fabulous price, quick delivery (love Amazon…), I’m so happy that I ordered the whole outfit!!!”

Another happy customer wrote, “Dozens of mosquitoes (& one yellow jacket) were bouncing off the outfit, but no bites! I did get a couple of bites on one hand, because they weren’t covered, so I put some garden gloves on. It was the only way I was able to get any work done outside, because we’d had a wet summer & the mosquitoes were so bad. I wish I’d had it earlier in the season!”

Other reviewers point out one flaw in the design and an easy solution. One comment explains, “If the fabric touches your legs in any way you get stung.” 

Another person pointed out that fabric touching the knees is often a problem when sitting or squatting down, for example, when doing yard work. However, if you are aware of this issue and pull the fabric away from your knees when you sit down, the problem seems to be solved.

At less than $13 and free Prime shipping, it seems like these mesh pants are worth a try! You can order them directly from Amazon here.

Do mosquitoes bite you very often? Are you going to try these mesh pants?