Mental Health Blogger Dies At 26 After Ingesting Poison

Beth Matthews died by suicide in 2022. She was only 26 years old, and this was not her first suicide attempt.

In 2019, Matthews jumped off a bridge and fell 50 feet. She sustained multiple injuries, but she did not die. Instead, she turned to social media to share her story and to try to prevent others from attempting suicide.

In 2021, Matthews tweeted, “Today, I got to thank & hug the brave Police officer who saved my life. Despite witnessing me fall 50ft off a bridge, she ran down & held my hand until I was airlifted to hospital. This moment meant the world & reminded me just how grateful I am to be alive.”

February 2022, Matthews tweeted, “It’s ironic that the injuries I sustained from a suicide attempt (nerve damage, broken bones, parlayed bladder, paralysed bowel, paralysed foot, chronic pain etc) are the reason I’m now suicidal. Please, learn from me, learn from this. Let my mistake be your lesson.”

Even though Matthews was trying to warn others to learn from her mistake, as she wrote, she was still suicidal. Matthews was admitted to the Priory Cheadle Royal hospital, and it was known that she was a suicide risk. It was even in her profile that she wasn’t supposed to open her own mail; however, due to what the hospital is calling “inconsistencies” in her care, she managed to commit suicide while at the hospital.

On March 21, 2022, Matthews received a package in the mail which she had ordered online. It was sent to her from Russia, and it contained a powder that she told the staff was protein powder. It was not. It was a poisonous substance she had read about online. She took the powder, collapsed, suffered from cardiac arrest, and died.

Watch the video below for more about Matthews suicide and how it was possible even when she was in a psychiatric ward.