Melania Trump Reveals Her Final White House Christmas Decorations

The White House

It’s Melania Trump’s last holiday season in The White House, and it seems that the First Lady has chosen to play it safe when it comes to the Christmas decorations.

Not everyone is a fan of Mrs. Trump’s decorating style. For example, she was criticized for the drastic changes she made to the Rose Garden, such as removing the roses. Her Christmas decorations in previous years have been criticized as well.

The White House is adorned with multiple Christmas trees in multiple rooms, and each year, some of them looked pretty nice, but some of them also looked a little bit unusual. For example, in 2017, there were Christmas trees that looked like white branches. They weren’t even decorated.

In 2018, these trees were replaced by blood red trees. Once again, they weren’t even decorated. They were just very, very red. 

In 2019, Mrs. Trumps’s decorations were less offensive, but there were still a few unusual choices. For example, one area lacked actual trees. Instead, there were stars and etchings of trees.

Each year, The White House releases a video of Mrs. Trump walking through The White House admiring the Christmas decorations, and this year isn’t any different. The only difference is that there isn’t anything very unusual about the decorations. The trees are green. The decorations are festive and patriotic. See for yourself in the video below.

The theme for this year’s White House Christmas decorations is “America the Beautiful.” Each year, Mrs. Trump makes sure there are decorations that also relate to her motivational saying to “Be Best,” and this year isn’t any different.

What do you think of The White House Christmas decorations this year? Have you already decorated for Christmas?